The Society for The Preservation of Beers from the Wood
Northern Ireland Branch

The Northern Ireland branch of the S.P.B.W. was form in 1994 and ran until 1997 when the current Chairman stood down. The Northern Ireland branch of the Society was never continued. However, with authority from the main body of the S.P.B.W. it is now back again and running since 2004. Our current events are posted HERE

In 1963 wooden casks were still regarded as being synonymous with traditional draught beer in contrast to the sealed dustbins which contained the processed and artificially carbonated product. For this reason the name seemed ideal. After a few years, realising that metal casks were rapidly replacing wooden ones, the Society decided to relax its principles accordingly.

Nowadays about a dozen breweries use wooden casks for distribution with many more starting to use then within the brewing process. SPBWNI is fully concerned with the craft of the cooper as being integral to brewing and serving beers from the wood.

Membership can be obtained from only £5.00 per year or less.

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